“The End”: First Thoughts

My thoughts on “The End”, the two and a half hour finale to the 120-something hour ABC television show, Lost.
I loved it. The finale was amazing and everything that I could have hoped for in an ending to my favorite show. It had typical Lost twists, drama, and fighting, including Fake John Locke and Jack Shepherd, now as Jacob’s successor as protector of the Island, in a last battle atop the lava rocks in a heavy storm. The alternate timeline was revealed to be the memories of the Losties because their time together was the most important thing to them. I think that it is my favorite episode of Lost, and am glad that it did not disappoint.

My two favorite parts of the episode were of Jack, who usually is not my favorite character (he’s one of them though, just not the most). I think Matthew Fox’s acting in this episode was his best yet, and it was very believable of him limping from the heart of the Island back to the bamboo patch where he first woke up after the Oceanic 815 crash.

Him realizing that he did all that he could do, that his friends finally going to safety was more important than his wants, was great. I loved that he walked back to the bamboo patch where it all began and stumbled down smiling. He had Vincent the dog to keep him company, just as how the show opened. He saw the Ajira plane which had Frank, Richard, Miles, Kate, and Sawyer leave the Island and ultimately live their lives. I loved how he was able to see this and close his eyes in peace.

Also, in the alternate timeline, I loved how Jack was able to reconcile with his father, Christian. This was a theme the entire show followed, and it was great to know that after everything Jack did and saw, he was able to realize he needed to value and respect his father more. The scene of all the (main character- what happened to the minor character ones like Artz?) Losties coming together in the church was amazing, as they were all able to get past the obstacles in their lives and realize that they should let go and have peace.

*It was really cool how Hurley and Ben were able to be the next successor to Jack as the protector of the Island. Its cool how Ben was able to accept not having the most power and being #2. I think a good spin-off show would be them two protecting the Island, preferably as a comedy.

*It was cool how Richard and Frank survived. I think Miles and Richard would make great friends and its cool they were able to go together to the plane.

*Desmond presumably got off the Island to be back with Penny and his son Charlie. He must have taken The Elizabeth back home, the same boat that he used to get to the Island accidently six years prior. I like how in Season 6, there are tie-backs to earlier things and in some cases the characters went full-circle (because of the alternate timeline). Just as Desmond promised to take the boat “For love”, he was able to take it home to his family, as well as in the alternate timeline reunite the Losties together, making him one of my favorite characters.

*How come Juliet wasnt in the church with everyone else? She already had her epiphany with Sawyer, or did I just not notice her?
EDIT: Okay, nevermind I guess she was there.

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