The Hobbit Film: First Thoughts

Studying for a test, I decided to put on some Lord of the Ringssoundtrack. It has been a while since I have listened to it, and I am surprised at how I am still in love with it.

“Samwise the Brave” and “The Breaking of the Fellowship” are two of my favorites. The depth of emotion conveyed by them -I should thank Howard Shore- is amazing. It has been around nine years or so since I first saw any of the LOTR movies (The Two Towers was the first I saw in theaters, but I saw the Fellowship on DVD a few months prior) and they have a special place for me as I am sure they do for countless others, especially for people my age who grew up with them.
The Hobbit is scheduled to come out December 2012, and I could not wait more for it. I am glad that Peter Jackson took over control in directing it and that it finally got on track. I am hoping for a movie that does justice to not only the book, but of the Rings trilogy films. I enjoy the books, but I think movies in this age have as much impact as the original book did when J.R.R. Tolkien wrote it.
That is to say, I think the Hobbit films will have immense influence, if they are done right. I believe they will because Peter Jackson has spent time working on this. But I also think that for the movies to be most successful, they need a great score. If Shore signs on and can recreate his masterpiece, I think the Hobbit can be amazing. Because, ten years after someone sees the movie, they will reflect on the beautiful, deep songs. Fans of the LOTR movies can quote lines after lines, recite speeches and hum the distinct songs. The soundtrack, more than any other aspect of the films aside from perhaps the acting, made LOTR such a powerful, lasting trilogy.
This is all my opinion, but I think the music is great and gave it an emotional depth that made most people who watched and understood the movies enjoy it.
To conclude, The Lord of the Rings had a great depth that captivated many people, for it created a world that had war, romance, despair, hope, heroes and life-lessons. The soundtrack enhanced all of these, as a good soundtrack does. For many people, the trilogy is the best movie series that they can think of, and that is because Peter Jackson and Howard Shore poured their heart into a beautiful story that a man by the name of J.R.R. Tolkien wrote by pouring out his heart.
And I believe and hope The Hobbit films will follow suit.

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