Time Travel: Is it Possible?

The Universe -photo by Robert Gendler

I have been thinking about time travel lately. That is, the scientific and mathematical principles and laws about time travel and whether it is actually possible in our universe from a scientific standpoint.

And what I have found is that the answer may be: We don’t know for sure, but time travel is not necessarily impossible. That is, scientists who have studied physics and time travel (or some, at least) think that with the evidence we already have, time travel can be possible. This does come with some limitations than the “time travel” commonly seen in sci-fi movies and books.

This comes from a book I am currently reading: The New Time Travelers by David Toomey. The book itself is very good for a layperson who does not know much about science, and presents major scientists who have come up with theories on time travel (mostly post-Albert Einstein).

So it has got me thinking about time travel. The book talks about wormholes and paradoxes of time travel that I could not do justice here because, frankly, some of it is way over my head. Just think of all the paradoxes time travel could cause. And something else interesting I found is that some scientists, like the famous Stephen Hawking, do not believe in time travel being able to work because of the causual loops it would cause. Hawking apparently has a theory that the universe actively prevents time travel from happening because time travel could disrupt the whole system (aka rebel against the universe’s own laws). So the universe has natural safeguards to protect itself.

Wow, some of the stuff in this book is hard for me to wrap my head around. What about you guys, have you ever thought about time travel from a scientific standpoint? I always just idealize time travel, more just think about “It would be cool to visit the Roman times,” etc.

And it would be cool to visit ancient Mesopotamia, or Egypt.

4 replies on “Time Travel: Is it Possible?”

Time travel .. subject itself is so fascinating and my mind immediately goes to the imaginative writing of famous author H G Wells and his novel …on the topic.

Of course to undersand the mysteries of universe, time -space I would hope to read the novel you mentioned some day ..

Yes I first read “The Time Machine” by H.G. Wells when I was younger and was intrigued by it.
And the book I mentioned is actually non-fiction

I find this concept fascinating! And from the little I know, I agree with your statement that the possibility, thus far, cannot be ruled out.

When my current novel is completed, I want to write another (of course,she says why not!). The idea for my next story includes a suggestion of time travel so I have given it some consideration, but not a great deal as yet. That’s why I was thrilled to see your book suggestion on the topic. I’ve written it down and will give it a read when I’m ready to really delve in.

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