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Quotes from “The Brothers Karamazov”

I am reading The Brothers Karamazov by Foyodor Dostoyevsky now, and wow is it good! I am on page 600 out of 900. There is some awesome character development.

Caution: Only read the book if you do not get bored with extensive dialogue, slow-moving plots and tremendous descriptions of character thoughts and actions.

Here is a few quotes I have found so far:

“For monks are not a special sort of men, but only what all men ought to be.” -Father Zossima, pg 189

“‘I’ve had a good dream, gentlemen,’ he [Dmitri] said in a strange voice, with a new light, as of joy, in his face.” -pg 589

“I want to suffer because by suffering I shall be purified.” -Dmitri Karamazov, pg 590

“In another minute I shall be a prisoner, but now, for the last time, as a free man, Dmitri Karamazov offers you his hand. Saying good-bye to you, I say good-bye to all men.” -pg 590

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