Catch-22: The mind of a genius

Here is one example of Joseph Heller’s brilliance from Catch-22.

Nurse Duckett has urgent news about Dunbar:

Nurse Duckett: “They’re going to disappear him.”
Yossarian: “They’re what?” he asked in surprise, and laughed uneasily. “What does that mean?”
Nurse Duckett: “I don’t know. I heard them talking behind a door.”
Yossarian: “Who?”
Nurse Duckett: “I don’t know. I couldn’t see them. I just heard them say they were going to disappear Dunbar.”
Yossarian: “Why are they going to disappear him?”
Nurse Duckett: “I don’t know.”
Yossrian: “It doesn’t make sense. It’s not even good grammar. What the hell does it mean to disappear somebody?”
Nurse Duckett: “I don’t know.”

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