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Prepping for The Avengers


To celebrate The Avengers’ release May 4, I am currently writing a “Top 10 Superhero Movies” list for my school newspaper.

My superhero journey took me to Iron Man 2 today. I don’t plan on getting into review mode, but the film is decent (better than I remember). And the Avengers and Thor references make more sense now (back when I saw it in 2010 I was comic book-challenged).

For example, S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Colson gets reassigned to New Mexico to check out the Thor developments.

I started watching Kick-Ass as well but so far it is not promising and I might watch the Spider Man or X-Men 2 and 3 during the weekend.

It’s pretty awesome to relax and watch Iron Man and X-Men as “homework.”

So, what’s your favorite superhero movie?

UPDATE: Kick-Ass was actually decent. Good spin on the superhero genre.

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