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My Summer (Book!) Road Trip

Reading is my raison de être.

So, after a hectic semester in college, I am celebrating my freedom with a three-part summer goal: Read, read and read.

I can think of no better way of spending three months than by lounging around reading a good sci-fi or two. I just finished Carte Blanche, Jeffery Deaver’s sleek new take on James Bond. Luckily, I have a perfect part-time job at a library to top up my books when I’m runnin’ dry.

I’m thinking of my book summer as a road trip. Where will these books take me? I’ll find out!

So here’s my road trip itinerary:
(As with any good road trip, I might find a pleasant detour along the way.)

1) Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler- I’m a huge fan of A Series of Unfortunate Events by Handler’s alter ego Lemony Snicket. This one’s about teen love. I started it yesterday and am loving the novel’s humor.

2) X-Men Messiah Complex– After mutants are nearly wiped out, a new mutant is born, giving the X-Men hope.

3) X-Men Second Coming– Will the new mutant bring hope to mutant-kind?

4) Insurgent by Veronica Roth- Great young adult dystopian series where teens choose a faction that they are bound to follow their entire life based on their personality

5) Marvel’s Civil War and Spider Man: Peter Parker and The Amazing Spider Man Civil War tie-ins- Iron Man and Captain America, two of Earth’s mightiest heroes, have become enemies.

6) A gazillion other comic books! (Marvel of course)

6) Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson- You had me at ‘cyberpunk’.

7) The Alchemist by Paul Coelho- Don’t know much about it but it’s supposed to be good.

8) V for Vendetta and Watchmen by Alan Moore- The film versions of these graphic novels are good

9) Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson- A cyberpunk about hackers.

10) Spy novels- I’ll start with Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels, then go to Robert Ludlum’s Jason Bourne novels, then add a few Tom Clancy novels for good measure.

11) The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglass Adams- There are two ingredients to make a good book: Wittiness and science fiction. This doesn’t have either.

I am open to suggestions too, any good books I should check out?!

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