Cal State Fullerton News

Preacher makes first appearance

A crowd watches the preacher in front of the Humanities and Social Sciences building.

This preacher made his first appearance of the semester at Cal State Fullerton Tuesday in front of the Humanities and Social Sciences Building.  At 1 p.m. Tuesday, there was a steady crowd of more than 150 students and two police officers. (Unfortunately I forgot his name so I’ll call him the preacher.)

After the preacher said he loved the crowd of students individually “more than anyone else has ever loved you,” one student said, “You love like a moron.”

His sign says, “Repent or end in hell.”

There were other such moments during the heated discussion, including the preacher denouncing homosexuality and later a group of about six students giving the preacher a hug.

If last year is any indication, the preacher usually stays on campus multiple days during the week, so expect him back on Wednesday or Thursday around noon or early afternoon.

I will update this post tomorrow to add more quotes from the discussion, which I recorded.

Students attempt to give the preacher a hug, which he firmly declined.

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