Photo Essay: Summer’s End in Orange County

Yeah, it’s summer year-round in Orange County, the sun-washed land of sandals, surf and suburbia. But still, the region shines in this time of late summer, when school gets back into session and a semblance of fall hits the Southern California region.

Here are a few landscapes and cityscapes I have taken while canvassing the county recently. This is by no means a completed project, and I hope to explore more of the Orange County region this fall.

Photos are best viewed in full resolution by clicking. Thank you.


The Anaheim ARTIC, a regional transportation hub currently under construction in Anaheim, at sunset on May 28, 2014.

Newport Beach Surf

Carbon Canyon at Sunset

Carbon Canyon at Sunset

Santa Ana Sunset

Santa Ana at Dusk

Photos (in order of appearance):

The future Anaheim ARTIC transportation hub at dusk in September; the ARTIC at sunset in late May; A surfer checks out the surf at a high waves advisory in Newport Beach in August, the result of a Hurricane off the coast; Oil pumpjacks are seen at sunset in Carbon Canyon in September; An oil pumpjack at twilight in Carbon Canyon in September; The sunset is reflected on a county building in Santa Ana in August; A flock of parakeets flies past government buildings in Santa Ana in August.

Photos by Tim Worden.

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