Year in Review: 10 Photos of 2019

New York City, Detroit, portraits and California poppies

2019 was an eventful year. I finished grad school just a week ago, getting my Master’s in Library and Information Science from San Jose State University in December 2019.

At work, I am a tech specialist, graphic designer and marketer for my library, so I had a chance to help with my library’s big grand re-opening celebration this fall. The library was renovated and has a new play area, makerspace, cafe and computers.

I traveled to New York City, Detroit, San Diego and Pasadena this year. Now that I am finished with school, my goal for 2020 is to travel more and focus on more photography projects.

More info after the pics.

Christmas decorations at Eastlake in Yorba Linda, December 2019
Christmas at Eastlake | December 2019
Family portrait for my bro and sister-in-law | December 2019

Wedding video | August 2019

Miss California at Placentia Library gala at Richard Nixon Library | August 2019
Placentia Library storytime | June 2019
The Vessel, New York City | April 2019
New York City | April 2019
California poppy superbloom in Anaheim Hills | February 2019
Detroit Auto Show | January 2019
The Henry Ford museum, Detroit | January 2019

This is my fifth full year being into photography, and my fifth annual “10 Photos Of” portfolio. This year, I decided to organize the pictures reverse-chronological, from December to January, without a specific theme or mood for the portfolio as a whole, from travel pictures to portraits.

10 Photos of 2018

10 Photos of 2017

10 Photos of 2016

10 Photos of 2015

10 Photos of 2014

Bonus picture: I have an Instagram devoted to Pokemon Go AR photos and Funko Pop pictures. Click below to follow.

Pokemon Go AR photos

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