Photos: Brea under Quarantine

A brief (socially distanced) photo stroll around Brea during quarantine

The Brea Angel statue with a face mask and rose on April 15, 2020 (All photos in this set by Tim Worden)
Restaurant advertising that it is open for takeout orders
Deserted Downtown Brea on April 15, 2020

I went out to take pictures with my camera on April 15 for the first time since California went under quarantine with the state’s stay at home order, which went into effect in mid-March.

(Of course, I’ve taken pictures on my phone on walks, but my camera had been gathering dust for a month during quarantine.)

I wanted to check out the Brea Angel statue in Downtown Brea, since the someone had given it a face mask and rose.

This is the first time I have seen the Downtown Brea boulevard completely empty. I saw only a few people and cars pass by but overall it was deserted, the Regal Edwards movie theater displaying a sign saying “Temporarily Closed” and the restaurants like Bruxie empty.

Here are a few more pictures around Brea:

The Brea Angel statue with a face mask and rose on April 15, 2020

Photos by Tim Worden, blogger at, as a journalistic project to create a historical documentation of Orange County and California’s response to COVID-19, while respectful of social distancing and stay at home guidelines. Copyright Tim Worden. Please email for queries.

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