Year in Review: 10 photos of 2021

From snow & cherry blossoms in California, to Seattle in fall

As 2021 began, it seemed as if California was facing an alarming crisis in the COVID-19 pandemic. Was this just going to be a dark winter – or a dark year? we wondered.

Thankfully, the COVID vaccines that had just received federal approval began making their way to medical professionals and then to at-risk individuals, and by March and April I and others received an opportunity to get a shot.

By March 2021, California had seen the impacts of the pandemic for a year now, and amid losses of business closures and loved ones we were seeing what recovering could look like.

I wanted to capture this duality of uncertainty and hope in a photograph, and in mid-March I captured this photo (Photo 2) of my hometown library at dusk. The new library had recently been built, but amid the winter surge it was only open for limited access. With the coming transition into spring, it would begin to welcome visitors at a more normal capacity.

The composition in the picture is deliberate: The dark twilight of winter is present, and yet the illuminated pathway is ahead. The plaza is empty now but will soon be buzzing in the summer and fall. It’s the cycle of seasons. A rhythm of life that we are part of.

Here are my 10 photos below.

Oh, and P.S. I have some personal news this year: I got engaged! Shoutout to my love, Ana! Sharing more after the photos :)

Winter in California // Fujifilm Instax square film, January 2021
Winter in California // March 2021
Spring in California // March 2021
Spring in California // April 2021
Disneyland // May 2021 (Courtesy: Disneyland PhotoPass)
Summer in California // June 2021
Summer’s End in California // September 2021
Dia de los Muertos // October 2021
Fall in California // Disposable Camera, November 2021
Fall in Seattle // November 2021

I attempted to show the rhythm of year, from winter to spring and summer, to fall, even as snow in California in January has led to snow in Seattle in November. Dark winters or late springs will always remain, and I hope I can learn to embrace what may come and spread kindness and love in that.

Speaking of which, I have cherished my love with Ana this year, from working together to our countless date nights in LA to long nights watching Falcon and the Winter Soldier or planning our future together.

In November, we visited Seattle and during our trip we got engaged!

Here are a few snapshots from the year:

Thanks for reading! Here is an honorable mention for my 10 photos. To 2022.

Photos copyright Tim Worden, 2021. All rights reserved. Please contact me at

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