Year in Review: 10 photos of 2022

My highlight of 2022 was getting married in Hawaii in June, and settling in to our new home together.

It was an amazing year that was filled with wedding planning, moving and starting a new job, as well as vacations to San Francisco, San Diego, Palm Springs and Santa Barbara.

Here are my 10 favorite images I took over the past year, and I look forward to traveling and capturing more photos in 2023.

Sunset View of Mount Baldy, January 2022
Santa Ana by Drone, February 2022
Big Bear by Disposable Camera, May 2022
Wedding Day on Disposable Camera, June 2022. Captured by one of our family members :)
Hawaii by Disposable Camera, June 2022
Hawaii by Disposable Camera, June 2022
A&A Wedding, August 2022
Palos Verdes by Disposable Camera, August 2022
San Francisco by Disposable Camera, August 2022
Bonus: San Francisco, August 2022. The same angle as the disposable camera above, comparing the look of film and my Sony A7III camera
D&K baby announcement photo shoot, August 2022
Wandavision Funk Pops in Palm Springs, October 2022

Thanks for reading! And here are a few more photos from our wedding and time in Hawaii!

Wedding photos by Sheyanne Lyn Photography, copyright 2022. &

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