Portland, March 2018

Portland, March 2018

Pictures from a great weekend in Portland in March 2018, traveling for a video with Twelve Stones Productions.




Latourell Falls, Oregon, March 2018


Downtown Portland at twilight, March 2018
Downtown Portland at twilight, March 2018
Downtown Portland at twilight, March 2018
Downtown Portland, March 2018
Downtown Portland at twilight, March 2018
Downtown Portland, March 2018
Downtown Portland
Downtown Portland, March 2018
Downtown Portland at twilight, March 2018

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Winter in Chicago, 2018

Photos from exploring downtown Chicago and visiting the Chicago Auto Show with Twelve Stones Productions in February 2018.

The weather ranged from 14 to 28 degrees during our stay and even snowed a bit. I enjoyed having the chance to see the city in winter and hope to visit Chicago again… but probably in summer.

Chicago skyline at night, February 2018
Chicago, February 2018
Toyota booth at the Chicago Auto Show, February 2018
Toyota booth at the Chicago Auto Show, February 2018
Hot Wheels car at the Chicago Auto Show, 2018
Chicago Auto Show, February 2018
UB Dogs Chicago
And of course, a trip to Chicago is not complete without deep dish pizza and Chicago dogs. We went to this bomb place called UB Dogs in the Loop.


Chicago at twilight, February 2018

Year in Review: 10 Photos of 2017

I have been into photography for four years now. While due to having a full-time job and being in graduate school, I was limited in time to devote to photography this year but still managed to get some gigs and go on some vacations, like to Tennessee and Kentucky, Yosemite and San Diego.

Here are my 10 favorite images taken this year, taken in chronological order. Also see 2016, 2015 and 2014.

Mihaylo Hall at Cal State Fullerton, February 2017. Taken with a Fujifilm disposable camera.
Santiago Oaks Regional Park, March 2017.
Disneyland Park at twilight, April 2017.
Barn in Kentucky, June 2017.
Country road in central Kentucky, June 2017.
With my friend David in Downtown Nashville, June 2017. We traveled to Tennessee and Kentucky to film a wedding: https://vimeo.com/231101497
Dogwood trees in morning light at Yosemite, August 2017.
Watching the total solar eclipse in Downtown San Diego, August 2017.
Smoke rises from the Canyon Fire at sunrise near Anaheim, September 2017.
Eastlake Village Christmas display, December 2017.

Here is a bonus video for a wedding I helped film in September 2017:

Summer 2017

Wedding video I filmed with Twelve Stones Productions in Kentucky this summer.

Another summer has come and gone, and with it the vacations, the memories, and the endless warm days turning into long, inviting nights.

This was an odd summer for me in that it was the first time that I have taken a summer class. I took an intensive intro to Web Design class for my grad school program, where I learned HTML and CSS. This, combined with my regular work, gave me little free time.

I still made time for my hobbies of taking walks, playing video games like Titanfall 2 and Pokemon Go, and taking pictures when I could, though.

Rather than sharing local pictures like I did for my Spring 2017 blog post, here are some pictures I took on four different trips this summer, to Kentucky/Tennessee, Phoenix, Yosemite and San Diego.

1. Kentucky and Tennessee, June 2017

This was a great trip and my first visit to the South (other than D.C.). I joined my friend David over at Twelve Stones Productions to film a wedding in central Kentucky, and we decided to make a vacation out of it, spending some time in the country and in downtown Nashville. Of course, the BBQ was fantastic and country music was blaring from the rental car the whole trip.

Sign in Downtown Nashville
Road in Kentucky. Everything was so green here.
Downtown Nashville at twilight
Downtown Nashville at twilight

Of course, we couldn’t resist staying in such a cool city without getting some aerial drone shots :)

Aerial view of Downtown Nashville. Copyright Twelve Stones Productions.

2. Phoenix, June 2017

This was a short one-night trip just a few days after our Nashville trip, so I felt like an airplane traveler expert after spending so much time at the airport in a week. It was a cool video project for Hyundai that I assisted David and the crew working on.

Photo from a Hyundai video shoot

3. Yosemite, August 2017

I joined my family for a trip to Yosemite in August and, just like every time I am up in the mountains, it was a relaxing and refreshing experience filled with memories.

From morning walks to bike riding in the valley to lazy afternoons wandering around the countless meadows and the Merced River, I was able to experience one of God’s purest examples of beauty and recharge from a busy year of work and school.

Sunrise in Yosemite


Sunrise in Yosemite National Park, August 2017
Deer at sunrise in Yosemite
Yosemite Chapel at sunrise in August 2017 in Yosemite National Park

4. San Diego, August 2017

To celebrate my birthday, my family and I went to San Diego to watch a San Diego Padres baseball game and visit the San Diego Zoo. My birthday was on August 21, AKA eclipse day, so I decided to have an impromptu eclipse b-day photoshoot. Check out that and some other SD pics below.

Petco Park in Downtown San Diego in August 2017
Twilight in downtown San Diego

Photos by Tim Worden. Additional aerial photos by Twelve Stones Productions. Copyright 2017, all rights reserved.

Spring 2017

Due to working full time at a library and beginning my master’s program, I had little free for my hobby of photography this spring. I am taking an online master’s Library and Information Science program at San Jose State University, which meant tons of reading, research and late nights this semester.

I still tried to take some pictures, however. Here are a few pictures from January – May 2017.

Disneyland, April 2017
Disneyland, April 2017
Santiago Oaks Regional Park, March 2017
Santiago Oaks Regional Park, March 2017
Santiago Oaks Regional Park, March 2017
Panorama of Santiago Oaks Reginal Park, March 2017
Testing the new Panasonic GH5 camera, April 2017
Disposable Camera
Rowland Heights, April 2017. Taken with a Fujifilm disposable camera
Bikers on the Santa Ana River Trail, March 2017
Santa Ana, March 2017
Mihaylo Hall at Cal State Fullerton, February 2017. Taken with a Fujifilm disposable camera.
Anaheim, March 2017
Anaheim Regional Intermodal Transportation Center, January 2017
The 91 Freeway in Anaheim, January 2017
Old Towne Orange, April 2017

Year in Review: 10 Photos of 2016

This year marks the third full year I have been into photography. While a filmed a few weddings and took event photos at work, this year I focused for the most part on my favorite genres of photography: architecture and nature.

In selecting these images, I attempted to go for a slow, reflective mood, as several only suggest there are people around and others feature people, cars and a plane in the background. Three were taken with disposable cameras, part of a two-year photo project. Of course, the wedding video has an upbeat, celebratory tone.

Anaheim Regional Intermodal Transportation Center on opening day for Angels baseball, April 2016
Sunset, December 2015
Fullerton Arboretum, March 2015
Disposable Camera
Montana de Oro State Beach, July 2016
Santa Ana, December 2015
“Love Trumps Hate,” UCLA, November 2016
Leap Day’s end in Placentia, February 2016
Anaheim Regional Intermodal Transportation Center, October 2016
Santa Monica Pier, November 2016

Thanks for viewing. Here are my 2015 Year in Review and 2014 Year in Review favorite 10 images. Photos by Tim Worden, all rights reserved.

Disposable Scenes

I spent the past two years, from September 2014 to September 2016, carrying Fujifilm disposable cameras around, experimenting with the fun, lo-fi cameras to capture my surroundings in a different view than modern DSLRs and camera phones offer.

The images in this photo essay – 27, corresponding to a 27-exposure roll of film – have a special meaning for me because they represent a feeling or a memory I had while pressing the shutter.

In many cases, I attempted to use composition to reflect the mood I wanted that particular image to convey – see “Twilight On Leap Day” and “Eminent Domain,” for example.

More info and technical specs after the photos.

Santa Ana | April 2015
Spring at the Fullerton Arboretum | March 2016
Disposable Camera
Morro Bay | July 2016
Getty Villa | November 2015
Summer in Yosemite | July 2015
Twilight on Leap Day | Placentia, February 2016
Eminent Domain | Yorba Linda, January 2016
Los Angeles City Hall | July 2016
Santa Ana | April 2015
ARTIC | July 2015
Summer in Yosemite | July 2015
Summer in Yosemite | July 2015
Bros | Fullerton, August 2015
Brea | September 2014
Santa Ana | October 2014
Santa Ana | April 2015
Brea | October 2014
Yorba Linda | March 2016
Matthew and Reggie | September 2016
iPhone 6 launch | Brea, September 2014
Morro Bay | July 2016
Disposable Camera
Montana de Oro | July 2016
Disposable Camera
Cayucos | July 2016
Near Morro Bay | July 2016
Yorba Linda | March 2015
On The Road | July 2016
Twilight | Yorba Linda, October 2014
Fujifilm QuickSnap ISO 400 disposable camera. Photo taken with my iPhone.

This has been a meaningful project to me for many reasons, one being that simply using the retro cameras has refreshed my views on patience and photography.

The fixed focal length, the limiting quality of the camera, and the month- or two-long gap between taking the picture and receiving the print all contribute to the joy I feel when I get a fresh roll back. I have marveled at the classic film look and mood some of the pictures came back with.

I took about 10 rolls of film, or 270 pictures, during the course of this project. (While I have not counted, this is in comparison to the probably more than 20,000 pictures I took with my digital cameras in that time.)

The film was taken to CVS Photo, who sends them to a processing center. Most times they were printed on Kodak XtraLife II paper, with an accompanying CD with scans given. While I have not tried other film labs, I am impressed with the quality and look these prints have had.

Here is a comparison of images taken with my Panasonic GH4 camera and Panasonic 14mm lens (left image) and a disposable camera.


Photos by Tim Worden, copyright 2014-2016, with the exception of “On the Road,” by Daniel Worden, 2016.

Opening Day at Angel Stadium

I ventured over to Angel Stadium for opening day 2016, taking the bus to the Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center, ARTIC, and walking to the stadium.

I did not have tickets for the game, just wanted to capture some of the festivities. Glad baseball is back in season!

Happened to see a proposal, captured this image right after she said yes.
The ARTIC is lit up red for opening day
The ARTIC is lit up red for opening day
The ARTIC is lit up red for opening day

Photos by Tim Worden, copyright 2016.