NSA spying scandal the latest debate on government power

Photo: The signing of the Constitution, by Barry Faulkner (National Archives) Debates that the United States government has overstepped its bounds have been at the forefront of media attention ever since it was leaked that the National Security Administration has secretly been spying on American citizens. But these debates are nothing new. A question that […]

Books History

Book review: Jack 1939, a WWII spy tale

The book gives the genesis for John F Kennedy’s passion for solving international politics and upholding democracy Jack 1939 follows a young John F. Kennedy, a senior at Harvard researching his thesis about Europe’s political chaos with the impending world war. Only the novel, by Francine Mathews (Riverhead Books, expected publication Thursday, July 5), takes […]

Christianity History

What it Means to be Protestant (Christianity Essay)

Quite simply, the word “Protestant” originally referred to a few people in 1520s Germany who protested the ruling by the Diet of Speyer which voted to end the religious toleration of Lutheranism (McGrath 287). But today, the word means much more. It is estimated there are around 760 million Protestants around the world, equaling 12% […]

Anthropology History


>Recently I have become very interested in Anthropology, the study of man. It is fascinating learning about the evolutionary context of how man came to be, and about ancient societies. This past week at Cal State Fullerton, I have already taken advantage of the Pollak Library and have spent some time there reading. Over the […]