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College student texting habits (Study)

It is no secret that college students text. That is evident to anyone who has wandering around the Cal State Fullerton campus and witnessed a herd of zombies- er, students walking slowly with their eyes glued on their, like, new iPhone- between classes. Paired with the newly-discovered Nomophobia, the fear of being without our cell […]

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Of Aliens and Men: Science Fiction, a Genre Code (Anthropology essay)

Wohoo, got to write an essay about science fiction! It was fun being able to write about The Hunger Games and X-Men! This is my final paper for my Language and Culture Anthropology class. We have to evaluate a code, which is a genre (like punk rock music, or fashion, or mystery novels). INTRODUCTION             […]

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Public Relations: How to use Social Media (Lecture)

As part of Cal State Fullerton’s Communications Week, Christa Keizer spoke to students about utilizing social media in public relations Tuesday afternoon in the Titan Student Union. Keizer, who is an assistant account executive for Edelman Digital, graduated from CSUF last year. Edelman is the world’s largest independently-owned public relations firm and serves corporations like Microsoft […]

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Technology: Dangerous Effects of Progress

“Engineers should pay more attention to the larger world in which their devices will function, and they should consciously take that world into account in their designs,” said Robert Pool in Beyond Engineering: How Society Shapes Technology. Traditionally engineers have tried to perfect their machines as a machine; that is, make them better and more […]


Younger Adults Use more Technology

Younger adults own more gadgets like cell phones, laptops and music devices, according to a PEW Research poll. Cell phones are the most popular gadget, with 85 percent of adults owning one. For adults age 18 to 34 in the Millennial generation that number increases to 95. The study also found that younger adults make […]