Spring 2019

Photos from the 2019 superbloom in Southern California

Morro Bay

My brother and I camped at Morro Bay, in central California, this weekend. Our camping site was really nice, just a few minute’s walk to the beach. It was foggy at times, but there was a lot of sun at the beach so it was great weather. I love the central coast area and these…

Spring in California

Easter is tomorrow and Spring is in full bloom in southern California. I’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors this spring since I have to observe bees for a class.

The sights and sounds of Downtown Los Angeles (Photos)

There is something about downtown areas. It may be the architecture or the bustling atmosphere of anonymity, but cities just provide a great place to watch the world. It is the variety of people I watch wandering around, and the worldly accomplishments we display to millions of people through our buildings- higher and higher, cooler and cooler. Anyway…