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Downtown Fullerton street photography

After touring downtown Los Angeles a few weeks ago, I was curious to try out street photography. Street photography is a National Geographic-type candid photography of people  in public places like concerts and downtown areas.

I went to downtown Fullerton in Southern California on a hot late-afternoon (around Chapman and Harbor). It has a pretty vibrant night life but it was not that busy when I was there. Here is a few of my shots. I realized it’s a lot harder than it looks! You also need a fast camera to snap pictures quickly without people thinking your’e a stalker (one guy noticed he was on camera and waved).

I can’t figure out why the guy on the left has his face painted gray and red.
Riding a bike down Harbor Blvd

Also, walking around downtown I saw the memorial to Kelly Thomas, the homeless man who was allegedly killed by Fullerton police officers a year ago. Two of the Fullerton city councilmen were just recalled last month in response to the incident. The memorial is at the Fullerton Transportation Center. The sidewalk has chalk paintings and quotes that include, “Homelessness is not a crime.”

Kelly Thomas memorial with a bus in the background.

I do want to try out more street photography, it would be better in Los Angeles where there are a variety of different people. Any suggestions to take better street photography pictures?

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Fullerton’s Soco West Parking Structure opens in downtown

The new Soco West Parking Structure next to downtown Fullerton’s Transportation Center opened this week. According to the city’s website, the grand opening was Wednesday, June 20 but it was open to the public Tuesday, June 19.

The architecture is modern and impressive (it reminds me of Cal State Fullerton’s new Eastside Parking Structure) and the  814 new parking spots are a welcome addition to make downtown one of Orange County’s happenin’ spots.

It is great that Fullerton now has even more free public parking- now spending an afternoon or late night in downtown is a viable option. The structure is at Harbor Blvd and Santa Fe Ave. (The city is also trying to cater to commuters, as the Fullerton train station is a quick link to Los Angeles).

The north-east stairs and elevator

The new parking structure also holds one of the best inventions ever: A book vending machine.

It is the Fullerton Public Library’s first book vending machine, called the FPL Station. A patron inputs his or her library card and picks a book among the best-sellers stocked in the machine. It’s like buying chips but better. At first I was disappointed that the books are random (just whatever is next in the queue), but it is growing on me because now readers are forced to take whatever they see, potentially expanding their reading habits.

It is believed to be the first book vending machine of its kind in Orange County, the OC Register reports.

Readers of the world unite!

And now, my Downtown Fullerton adventures!

My friend Josh and I strolled around downtown last night, looking for a new restaurant to try. We decided on Les Amis, a Lebanese restaurant with a Mediterranean feel- and we picked a winner! I got lamb schwerma ($8.95 for large)- yes, I got the idea from Tony Stark in The Avengers– which is similar to a gyro sandwich. The pita wrap had lamb, tomatoes, lettuce and a great sauce (bitter but in a good way- it probably has a name but I have no idea). Josh got the special, a stew with beef, peas, rice and a salad.

Les Amis Lebanese food