Portrait of a Pastor

A portrait of Mike Thiemann, the missions and high school pastor at Calvary Chapel Saving Grace in Yorba Linda, Calif. This was taken at a studio film shoot for a video I am working on for the church about the Gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ. The lighting for this shoot was a normal…


I took these photos for a story I posted on Medium about how newsrooms should adapt to new technology like drones and GoPro cameras, to give both sides of the photo process. The photos were taken at design and visual communications production company Related Grey, thanks rG for letting me test out the GoPro camera!

Lighting painting around a piece of the Berlin Wall

A couple friends and I were walking around Chapman University┬áthis weekend and decided to do some impromptu light painting around a piece of the Berlin Wall that the university holds. The inscription around the memorial says, “A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand,” referencing Jesus’ teaching in the Bible and Abraham Lincoln’s speech about the…

Glass Bottle at Sunset

About a week ago, I was walking in the hills around my house and I saw this bottle mostly buried into the ground. I pulled it out, and couldn’t resist the great view of looking at the sunset through the bottle. About the edit: I used Photoshop to edit this much more than most of…

Downtown Santa Ana

I’ve been enjoying working in downtown Santa Ana, and I try to go out and explore the downtown area when I can. This was taken on Broadway. Anyone know of any cool spots?


Here’s a portrait of my friend I took yesterday while doing a photo shoot for a company and a panorama he took showing the studio from the subject’s point of view.

Rainy Evening in Santa Ana

It was a rainy evening at downtown Santa Ana on Oct. 9, 2013, as I took some pictures after work. It was cool having rain though, since there has hardly been any rain more than a sprinkle for months.

Church Photos

I helped make a video for my church college group, we’re making a short introductory film for people in the area. These are some photos I took, of Michael (left) and Greg talking about the Bible.