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Quotes from “The Brothers Karamazov”

I am reading The Brothers Karamazov by Foyodor Dostoyevsky now, and wow is it good! I am on page 600 out of 900. There is some awesome character development. Caution: Only read the book if you do not get bored with extensive dialogue, slow-moving plots and tremendous descriptions of character thoughts and actions. Here is […]

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Books are here to Stay: Why You Should Read

Call me biased; I work at a public library. But I think that books and reading continue to have great value in our society and our lives. I am a voracious reader, I must say. I can read a short novel in little over a day when I get around to it. And I am […]


New Beginnings (Poem)

New beginnings When I look, things have changed The past was good, it is gone entirely I do not know how the future will be All I know is that it will be bright, good for you and I May I say it: Even better, as if coming from a promise