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Bill Nye the Science Guy Speaks at CSUF

 Bill Nye “the Science Guy” Thursday night used his keynote address at Cal State Fullerton’s 11th annual math and science symposium to encourage college students to pursue innovation in engineering, space exploration and asteroid-defense strategies. This post will be updated.

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Of Aliens and Men: Science Fiction, a Genre Code (Anthropology essay)

Wohoo, got to write an essay about science fiction! It was fun being able to write about The Hunger Games and X-Men! This is my final paper for my Language and Culture Anthropology class. We have to evaluate a code, which is a genre (like punk rock music, or fashion, or mystery novels). INTRODUCTION             […]


Time Travel: Is it Possible?

I have been thinking about time travel lately. That is, the scientific and mathematical principles and laws about time travel and whether it is actually possible in our universe from a scientific standpoint. And what I have found is that the answer may be: We don’t know for sure, but time travel is not necessarily impossible. […]