Doctor Who and Dalek (Art)

Doctor and Dalek; colored pencil and fine tip pen. Text adapted from Doctor Who’s “Genesis of the Daleks, Part 6”. Admittedly, I messed up David Tennant as the Doctor in the first column. But I am proud of how the aggressive “Exterminate” turned out! For those of you unfamiliar with Doctor Who, Daleks (the golden robot) are […]

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Confession: Why I Love to Read

It’s official: I have an addiction to reading. But hey, nothin’ wrong with that, right Doc? I’ve already read more than 20 books this summer, and I’m aiming for another 10 to 15 more before I go back to college. So, why do I read? Well, there’s the obvious answers: To get lost in a […]

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My Summer (Book!) Road Trip

Reading is my raison de être. So, after a hectic semester in college, I am celebrating my freedom with a three-part summer goal: Read, read and read. I can think of no better way of spending three months than by lounging around reading a good sci-fi or two. I just finished Carte Blanche, Jeffery Deaver’s […]

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Of Aliens and Men: Science Fiction, a Genre Code (Anthropology essay)

Wohoo, got to write an essay about science fiction! It was fun being able to write about The Hunger Games and X-Men! This is my final paper for my Language and Culture Anthropology class. We have to evaluate a code, which is a genre (like punk rock music, or fashion, or mystery novels). INTRODUCTION             […]