Photos: Yorba Linda Town Center by iPhone

After nearly a decade of development and planning, the Yorba Linda Town Center (YLTC) opened this spring with a few shops like Bristol Farms, and has steadily added new restaurants, a yoga studio and even an outdoor, picnic-bench themed BBQ joint.

The shopping center’s last big-ticket item, a Regal IMAX theater, is set to open around mid-October, according to some reports.

For an October mini photo project, I decided to snap some pictures of the YLTC on my iPhone only. These photos are all taken with my phone and have not been edited. I won’t mention my iPhone model (no, it’s not an 11, though), but many recent phones have had massive improvements in photo quality that sometimes rival DSLRs, at least at wide-angle.

And here’s an AR Pokemon Go photo:

I’m planning on coming back to get some night/sunset shots of the YLTC to show the iPhone’s lower-light capabilities.